Bring your educational institution to the world map, by the power of collaboration !

Now, any of your student or professor, can collaborate and share the work with any of the student and professor in the world !!

Get Rid of IT..... eduCloudStorage democratize storage infrastructure for educational institutions by decoupling storage from IT ...Do what you do best - empowering students and creating intellectual assets.

Welcome to Community Storage Cloud platform for Educational Institutions

Universities and and research centers are the centres of excellence powered by the knowledge bed, where different consitituents contribute, share, and collaborate with knowledge dissemination. Valuable digital files can come from anywhere; For example it can be a very relevant document in the internet discovered by a research student from his PC through a laborious search efforts, which is to be stored in a central place for others to use or a professor wanting his notes from the desk of a lecturer or various colleage photos to be kept for posterity for long term preservation of the data for the next generation of educational wards.


          Various professors, students are located in the same or different LAN. From the same LAN, the central storage is accessible as a large local drive by drive mapping(on windows) or a file system mounting (Linux).For those who are away across a WAN, they access the files using installable software agents or through a browser. With this architecture, individuals need to do any data management and can free their PCs from valuable data, and no more copies in the USBs required. All data is centrally stored, and managed by the built-in software, without needing any expensive high end storage system. This centralized data platform, will enable many Big data applications, for data analysis and value discovery. Athinio platform delivers distributed data access, with centralized management while actual data is stored in Disaster tolerant, distribute storage vaults.

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