Experience the world's first,
software-defined Universal data plane,
Cyber-Secured platform for the first time, Truly!

We are in the business of TCO reduction,
reducing the business risks and improving
the control & security of your
business blood, that pass through our "Nerve".

Enabling public cloud adoption securely

Multi-cloud adoption - Radically simplified

Welcome to Cyber-Secured data platform and Universal Data Control !

Experience radical simplicity, security, control and data governance for those IT assets in the SaaS and Cloud infrastructure. We are big on Universal control, holistic-security, Visibility and data discovery. NervioCloud is the new name for cyber-secured data infrastructure with a Security-by-default and security-by-design tenets. No matter where your data storage resides in the Cloud/SaaS services. Our decentralized, securely erasure coded with key-less encryption, Universally de-duplicated data vaults with patent pending network isolation technologies, lets you forget about Ransom ware or cyber-threats. Rest assured, Nerviocloud, the all-new secure cloud data integration and protection platform, was built from the ground up with GDPR and related compliance use cases in mind.

Powered by patented technologies(one US patent granted in 2015 and number of patents pending).

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