Welcome to Cyber-Secured data platform and Universal Data Control !

Experience radical simplicity, security, control and data governance for those IT assets in the SaaS and Cloud infrastructure. We are big on Universal control, holistic-security, Visibility and data discovery. NervioCloud is the new name for Cyber-secured data infrastructure with a Security-by-default and security-by-design tenets. No matter where your data storage resides in the Cloud/SaaS services. Our decentralized, securely erasure coded with key-less encryption, Universally de-duplicated data vaults with patent pending network isolation technologies, lets you forget about Ransom ware or cyber-threats.

Powered by our path-breaking invention - Distributed, Virtual Cloud .

“ We made it radically simple and secure - powered by our market defining invention - Multi-cloud storage virtualization.”

Our Solutions

NervioCloud is a software-defined, Secure, Universal File System technology(patents pending) that solve a set of data security, data growth, compliance, fluidity and access related challenges with a single solutions that gets deployed at customer sites as a virtual appliance with a self-hosted control plane and SaaS based security automation service that completely takes care of all book keeping(customer telemetry, centralized configuration, High Availability services for the on-premise VM & cyber security monitoring and control).